The best rainproof and waterproof jackets



Feminine styles

The thinnest and lightest women’s coat we recommend, the J.Jill Fit Packable Anorak was flattering to all of our testers and offered the strongest sizes of any jacket we tested. And it folds into a carrying case, so it’s easy to throw in a bag. However, as of spring 2020, it was no longer on J.Jill’s site.

Our testers loved the style alongside the Eddie Bauer Charly jacket, and I thought slot bonus new member it was one of the coolest raincoats we’ve tried, but it wasn’t long enough to cover a back. It was also less breathable than other coats we tried.

Testers said the mid-thigh version of the Trail Women’s LLBean Rain Coat had an inconsistent fit, which reviews also noted (we recommended the hip-length version in the forerunner of this guide). The testers also thought the quality didn’t match the price.

The REI Co-op Pike Street mid-thigh trench coat performed well in our water and wear tests, but none of our testers loved the style. They found it too wide and one didn’t like the back, which came to a weird point that didn’t feel right on shorter frames. (Since we tested this coat, REI has replaced it with a version that uses a more breathable fabric; we’ll see that soon.)

Ellos’ snap-front hooded raincoat is a super cute mid-thigh coat. We were disappointed slot online baru that the upper arms were so tight we could barely move, as this is the only coat from a plus-size brand we have tested.

Lands’ End women’s 3-in-1 rain jacket, length to the hips, had a bulky fleece insert that made it very uncomfortable to wear the coat. Without the fleece he was still wrapped in his arms. We’ve noticed Lands’ End offers this coat most years, but it doesn’t always stay in stock.

Our co-workers tried the Everlane ReNew Anorak jacket in store, but it looked surprisingly cheap compared to other jackets we tried. The testers felt the fabric felt thinner than that of similarly priced coats and the size was not sympathetic.

We visited Macy’s to see several London Fog raincoats, as it is a classic rainwear brand. The fabrics looked cheaper than the cheap coat fabrics we considered and the styles – we saw a lot of double layered collars – just didn’t look modern.

Men’s styles

The REI Co-op Rainier rain jacket is well made and has a good price and is available in 10 colors. It rejected water completely in our tests. While it comes in fewer sizes than the Columbia Watertight II, it was the second best hip-length jacket we tested. Two of our testers recommended a smaller size for a slim fit.

We tried the new LLBean Trail Model hip-length men’s rain jacket, a version of a previous pick in the forerunner of this guide. Our testers had no issues with the fit (one size smaller was recommended for a slim fit), but it was available in fewer sizes than the Columbia and cost a little more.

The Trail Model LLBean men’s rain coat, the mid-thigh version of the Trail Model jacket, performed well in our water and wear tests, but the length was not appreciated by our testers, who generally preferred shorter jackets. court. Opt for this coat if you like a longer length over a more active style.

Eddie Bauer’s men’s packable Rainfoil jacket performed well in the rain, but lost points to Columbia because it was more expensive and was available in fewer sizes. Testers also suggested a lower size for a slim fit on this hip length model.

The North Face Men’s Resolve 2 Jacket, another hip length model, is available in a good range of sizes. But the testers wanted an inside pocket and thought the fabric wasn’t as soft as the fabric of others we tried. The sleeves and body length were also on the long side.

In stores, we liked the look of the Eddie Bauer Cloud Cap 2.0 men’s rain jacket with stretch at the hip, but we thought it was more suited to backcountry clothing.

We tried the Everlane ReNew All-Weather Jacket in store, but thought the fabric was cheap. The coat was already out of stock in most sizes and was not available in as many size options as our choices. (The jacket is no longer available as of Fall 2020, but Everlane notes on its website that it may return in the future.)

Uniqlo produces several versions of its Blocktech raincoats in men’s and women’s styles. We tried the Men Blocktech Parka in store and didn’t like the fabric enough to take it for further testing. We also found that Uniqlo’s size availability, especially for larger sizes, can be unreliable.

Unisex styles

Stutterheim’s Stockholm raincoat, made of rubberized cotton, is stylish, but was not breathable in our tests. It also closed with buttons, making it more difficult to fasten on the front. One tester commented: “There is no zipper and I hate it”. The largest size was XXL, but it was significantly narrower than this size in other brands we tested.

The Stutterheim Ekeby Lightweight Raincoat is lighter than the Stockholm, but one tester also said it overheated. We had the same size issues we had with the Stockholm and noticed tears around the buttonholes (which weren’t reinforced with stitching) before we even washed it. (In fall 2020, the coat disappeared from the Stutterheim website.)

We tried the Rains jacket, long jacket and poncho in store. (Rains’ website lists the coats separately as men’s and women’s, but they’re actually the same.) All the coats we tried on looked great, but the sizes were some of the least inclusive we’ve encountered. We also had to ask a salesperson for the larger sizes – they stocked them but kept them hidden behind the counter, which we thought was ridiculous.

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