The best winter gloves for touchscreens


We tested the latest Lightweight and Heavyweight Black Diamond Wooltech Gloves as well as the Heavyweight ScreenTap Gloves we recommend. While both pairs of gloves were comfortable to wear – and we’ve seen great success with the accuracy of Black Diamond’s ScreenTap Heavyweight Gloves in recent years – Wooltech gloves (in both weights) have caused a lot of typos. They are also wider around the wrist and less protective from cold (or mild) winter weather conditions than the ScreenTap gloves we recommend.

The Aegend and TrailHead racing gloves performed poorly with our capacitive touchscreens and were thin, so they didn’t keep our participants’ hands warm during testing.

The Burton Men’s Touch N Go glove was baggy and its poor fit didn’t help when it came to typing on our phones. When I say I couldn’t type more than “t fdkf hag” while wearing my Dimore winter gloves and that is ripped at the seams when I pulled them on the knuckles, I mean it literally.

We tested the men’s Isotoner touchscreen gloves in faux suede and microfiber and the smartDRI touchscreen gloves in nylon and fleece with curled wrist. Although all of Isotoner’s gloves were warm, the thumb slots on the faux suede touchscreen gloves were too big for my thumbs. This made the typing experience particularly frustrating. Also, faux suede gloves can be difficult to match your outfit; the plaid is a very specific stylistic choice. The nylon and fleece smartDRI gloves didn’t have the same problem as the other Isotoner gloves we tested, but they weren’t as comfortable as our top picks.

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We tested the LLBean Cresta Wool 250 Liner gloves in women’s and men’s sizes. We found that not only were we unable to use the touchpad on our laptops, but we were unable to type anything that resembled the English language.

When we tested the Lululemon Resolute Runners gloves, we encountered similar problems. SEO Content Strategist Lauren L’Amie loved the look of the gloves. He found the snug fit and soft material. But once she started using them to type, she turned to me and said, “Help, they’re the worst!”

Nobody particularly liked the fit of Mission Workshop The Strasse winter touchscreen gloves. People were divided on the appearance of the gloves: some thought they were elegant, while others found them ugly. Half of the testers thought these gloves kept their hands warm, but the other half found that this pair left them cold. Everyone agreed that we shouldn’t recommend them.

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Gloves and Double Insulated Touchscreen Gloves were comfortable and attractive, but had poor accuracy when typing.

The fit of the Midweight Black Diamond Softshell Gloves was ample for all of our testers, and this made typing nearly impossible.

Columbia Ascender Softshell Gloves are only available in men’s sizes and our testers felt the softshell material was too puckered. And the fit was tight, which made typing awkward.

The Columbia Trail Summit (men’s and women’s) racing gloves were a strong contender for a cool-weather choice because they fit well and are typed more accurately than most of the thin gloves we tested. But during our review they sold out in women’s sizes and the touchscreen ability didn’t surpass that of our Glider Gloves.

Columbia Thermarator fleece gloves (for women and men) were thin and unlined, which made them rough to wear. The fit was bulky and only conductive patches on the index and fingertips were usable.

Nordstrom Cashmere-Lined Leather Touchscreen Gloves are sold in a feminine cut, so they fit tiny hands better than our pick from Kent Wang. But they fit a little tighter, which makes them harder to wear, and they’re thinner, so they’re not that hot.

We tested two styles of Smartwool gloves: the Cozy gloves and the Liner glove. The touchscreen sensitivity was poor and suited most of our testers.

We tested some gloves from the north face again, including Apex + Etip and Commutr. Even with the gender-specific sizes available, the fit wasn’t ideal. (Our testers who self-identify as women thought the women’s fit was too tight and the unisex gloves were too boxy.) The arch of the gloves (which The North Face calls the “radiametric joint”) left our hands frozen in an awkward angle and we couldn’t flex our fingers. All of this made typing on our devices impossible.

Agloves Sport and Polar Sport gloves are thin and are not comparable to Moshi Digits in terms of warmth or quality.

Burton’s men’s AK Tech gloves are a decent soft-shell option, but their fit was poor and typing accuracy was bad.

The Glider Gloves Winter Style Touchscreen was our previous top choice. At the time they offered the best combination of warmth, touchscreen sensitivity, and grip. In 2015, Glider added a longer cuff and an improved conductive mix. But in our tests, the touchscreen sensitivity was worse, not better.

J.Crew’s men’s wool smartphone gloves are warm and fit well, but you can activate a touchscreen with just your fingertip. The skin is also slippery, which isn’t great when holding an expensive smartphone.

The North Face Etip gloves have clunky conductive panels, while the Denali Etip gloves (for men and women) fit a boxy shape – both of which made precise typing nearly impossible.

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